What is KINWORK?

Simply put, “KINWORK” = “job search engine”. It is a search engine specialized in a single field, and an example of vertical search. It is a service that provides job searchers with a collective search by collecting job information by visiting thousands of websites such as job sites, media such as newspapers, recruitment websites of companies, etc.

Specifically speaking about the mechanism of KINWORK

KINWORK collects only job information from job sites and media in Japan.There are two text boxes in KINWORK where you can enter your job type and desired conditions, and where you want to enter your place of work. When a job seeker enters them, they will display information on jobs that meet the conditions.The search results are linked to the posting source where the job information is actually posted, and job seekers can view the details of the job information at the posting source and can apply for the job at the posting source. There are also jobs that can be applied directly from KINWORK, in which case KINWORK will not be directly involved in hiring.

Job Seeker Benefits Using KINWORK

For job seekers, it has the advantage of being able to collect job information that he / she seeks beyond the boundaries of job posting media. The more you increase the conditions such as employment type, job type, place of work, salary, treatment, etc., job information will be collected from the net according to the content that you want, so it can be said that it is quite heterogeneous among recruiting media .

Benefits for Employers Using KINWORK

Companies can post job information free of charge. It has the advantage of increasing opportunities for recruiting and securing human resources.